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expedition yacht seal: equipment

We receive a lot of emails from people in the process of building or refitting yachts for equipment recommendations. After 68,000 miles, most of it in the Southern Ocean sailing to Cape Horn, Antarctica, and South Georgia, here is a list of products and manufacturers who have served us particularly well. You can also jump down to the Junk Pile for equipment and companies who have utterly failed to provide a decent product or service!

None of the items listed here are sponsored products.

Works flawlessly

Manson Supreme Anchor

Love it. Of course, with any anchor, we like Steve Dashew's sizing system: read the recommendations, double it, and if you can manage it, add another 20%.

Luke Anchor

Don't love taking it out of the lazarette, but nothing else works well in Greenland's rocks.

Aries Wind Vane

We have had to make some small repairs along the way, but we are asking it to do an awful lot, steering a 30 ton, 56-foot boat in the Southern Ocean and in light wind Atlantic conditions.

Refleks Stove

In the US, buy from Daryl Leach at Hamilton Marine. Make sure you speak with Daryl as he is the only retailer in the US who understands these stoves and will make sure you get all the pieces and spares that you need.

Meg the Autopilot

A Simrad computer brain and a B&G T3 drive

Exceptional Customer Service

UUPlus Satellite Email

Satellite Phones Direct

Quantum Sails South Africa

Ed Joy Yacht Design

Charleston Spars

Cummins Northeast especially Jeff Barlow

Douglas Windows

Pat Manley Canvas Work

Rigging Only


Furuno Radar

Garmin 152 GPS So simple! Our model has been replaced by the 152H.

OziExplorer Chart Plotter software A must for working in remote places, because you can save your chart adjustments. All US charts are available for free download that work with this plotter.

Bellingham Chart Printers

Practical Sailor Magazine

MasterVolt Products inverters, chargers, isolation transformers, Dc:Dc converters

Rolls Batteries After seven years of hard labor, they seem as good as new. The hydrocaps do wear out though and the "once a year" maintenance schedule is now down to adding water every six weeks.

New England Ropes There really is a difference. The only place we don't use NE Ropes is our floating Sampson Ultra Blue shore lines.

3M 6000 series respirator you can buy organic vapor cartriges, dust filters, and peel off covers to keep roller splatter off the mask. Life changing. Could be life saving.

Dr. Mark Anderson's Cruising Medical Kit

The Junk Pile

Dr. LED E Bulbs -

In the catalog, these seem like the perfect product - bright reading lights that take almost no power. I ordered up three of the nearly $50 bulbs to try them out for our family. For the first season, they worked perfectly. Bright lights, barely budged the ammeter. However, after less than half a year for some of them, just over a year for others, the LEDs began to fail. This for a product that is supposed to last over 10,000 hours.

When we emailed Dr. Led for assistance, their reply was we ought to buy their newer model: "We have no idea why your bulbs have failed after working perfectly well for almost two years. How cold has it been before you turned them on last time ?

For your information, starting in 2008, we have started using US made LEDs for the new eBulb. The new ones are far better than the old ones."

(It hadn't been too cold for the lights - the boat was in Buenos Aires, which last time I checked was a lot warmer than Canada!) We have been buying Anchor brand LEDs ever since.

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