Rogues' Gallery

People keep saying to us, "it's amazing you've done all this yourselves ..."


in alphabetical order ...

On board in Durham:

David Anderson in the paint shop.

Jason Fitschen faring in the aft cabin and wet locker

Joyce Giroux

Paul Giroux making a template for the
aft head partition & chart table

Jack Gordon shimming the raised saloon floor

Jonathan Van Campen fitting a hatch lining

Jim Whipple shaping the galley fiddles

And our parents:

Dan Ford

Sally Ford

Robin Laird

Shirley Laird

And the friends we've put to work:

Leslie Cook

Simon Goodall grinding back the plate

Rich Hallett

Chris Loder

Betsy Sandberg

Mal Sandberg

Nancy Sandberg

Andrew Short

At Kanter Yachts:

Hank Apfelbeck shaping the mast and keel case doubler plate

Bob Clark setting up the winch plinths

Rick Dadson

Brad Gardner

Manfred Kanter, Jr.

Carl LaFrance

Baljit Nijjar

Steve Van Ymeren, welding the starboard backstay chainplate

And ...

Alan's Diesel

Douglas Glass

Fastener Warehouse

Great Bay Marine

Ed Joy

AW Moore

New England Sailing School

Chuck Paine

Chuck Strelitz

Photos from the build:

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23 NOV || 14 DEC || 1 JAN

24 SEP (launch) || 3 OCT (scoot) || 3 OCT (positioning) || 3 OCT (haulout)

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