Our New Expedition Yacht

A tough aluminum sailboat to explore high latitudes
and support scientific and adventure expeditions ...

About the boat

UPDATE 17 July 2002:

Stephen Van Ymeren welding in the cockpit
Hank Apfelbeck working on the raised saloon

Work continues at Kanter Yachts in Ontario. Just three weeks after our first visit, they had made amazing progress - the frames and longitudinals are complete, much of the deck plating is on, and they were just beginning to plate the hull.


Mid-deck looking aft

Brad Gardner and Rick Dadson
shaping the hull plating


The first hull plate

Brad Gardner and Rick Dadson
positioning the second hull plate


Stephen Van Ymeren welding at the bow

The bow from below


Looking aft from the bow

Photos from the build:

14 JUL || 17 JUL || 3 AUG || 17 AUG || 28 AUG || 12 SEP || 28 SEP || 13 OCT

23 NOV || 14 DEC || 1 JAN

24 SEP (launch) || 3 OCT (scoot) || 3 OCT (positioning) || 3 OCT (haulout)

16 APRIL (interior)

About the boat

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