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A tough aluminum sailboat to explore high latitudes
and support scientific and adventure expeditions ...

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It's been a busy winter aboard Seal. Work has gone very well, and the interior is about 3/4 complete. We plan to launch again in July.

First, Hamish built a wooden shed over the
cockpit and aft end of Seal.

Then he built a pvc pipe and plastic shelter
forward of the main hatch. (photo looking aft)

As a result, it hardly snowed this winter in New Hampshire.

A view of the forward cabins in the autumn.

Same view, with the bunks nearly complete, the partition installed
and the outer floorboards in place.

These two cabins contain two single bunks in each and one computer desk per cabin, with office or personal gear storage, including a file cabinet for those doing research aboard. Under the starboard lower bunk is an area for mountaineering skis and equipment. Both cabins will have a radiator.

Forward is the watertight bulkhead and the forepeak, with a workshop and a second head (that's the holding tank resting on what will be the dinghy motor bracket.)

Jack Gordon in the workshop.

Jack has been helping us for the last 4 months and has built the ceilings (that's the walls in boatbuilding talk) and furnishings in all the cabins, the larder, and the galley.

Aft head/chart table before

Paul Giroux making a template for the
aft head partition & chart table

Paul has been helping two days a week after working full time on another boat building project. He's built most of the floorboards and created the aft head/chart table area.

The aft head partions and a
foam mockup of the chart table

the aft head epoxied and ready for paint

The head is completely epoxied and fileted - even on the headlining (to keep steam out of the navigation instruments above it.) It is built for regular hose downs and has a fixed house-type shower.

The starboard double bulkhead
(separates the bunk from the desk area)

Starboard double almost done

The port and starboard doubles are mirror images of each other, with two big double bunks in each and a roll up pipe berth (rolled away, it hides in the shelf in the middle right of the photo) for use at sea (it's no fun sharing a bunk with someone in a rolling sea.)

Under the main bunk area, there are big bays for long term storage, and in front of the bunks (visible here without their front face) are four lockers for quick access - spare clothes, cameras, etc. Underneath this storage area will be a boot locker (not built yet.) Forward of the bunk is a desk, file cabinet, and more storage for gear.

Hamish Laird attaching the port double
bunk bulkhead to the chainplate web.

Jack Gordon patterning the
forward starboard bunks

The larder and electrical panel cut-outs

the aft cabin (note, the water heater is just resting here...)

Jason Fitschen faring in the aft cabin and wet locker

Jason is a soon-to-be graduate of the Landing School Design and Systems programs who has been coming down to help once or twice a week while he is in school and has signed on as crew for sea trials and our first expedition.

adding soundproofing foam to the raised saloon plinth
(the top of the engine room)

a closer look at the soundproofing sandwich

This is the anti-vibration Sylomer foam, part of the Soundown soundproofing system. A layer of Tuffmass rubber and another layer of lead & fibreglass sound insulation is under the saloon floor and on the engine room walls.

Jack Gordon shimming the raised saloon floor
(note the gutters he built under the hatch openings)

the raised saloon floor (and the "Anaconda" - the 4" exhaust hose for the Cummins main engine.)

The galley area (the "Anaconda"
has been wrestled into place and boxed in.)

The galley is an L-shaped galley with a double sink aft (to the right in the photo), a counter top and double burner stove & oven. An island (not built yet) will serve double duty as a rack for staples and a backrest for starboard tack.

The chart table and galley

Galley a week later, waiting for stainless countertop and sinks.

David Anderson in the paint shop.

Kate prepping the larder for painting.

Photos from the build:

14 JUL || 17 JUL || 3 AUG || 17 AUG || 28 AUG || 12 SEP || 28 SEP || 13 OCT

23 NOV || 14 DEC || 1 JAN

24 SEP (launch) || 3 OCT (scoot) || 3 OCT (positioning) || 3 OCT (haulout)

16 APRIL (interior)

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