Our New Expedition Yacht

A tough aluminum sailboat to explore high latitudes
and support scientific and adventure expeditions ...

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We spent a week doing systems trials, and were very pleased that everything went well -- engine trials, keel lifting up and down both on the electric winch and the backup hand winch, rudder lifting up and down, anchoring, etc.

We even saw our first seal from Seal's deck ...

Then we began to prepare for our unconventional haul-out -- by scoot and wrecker truck -- to bring her home to the workshop for a winter of carpentry.

Launching the scoot and positioning Seal over it:

Hamish and Mal Sandberg launching the scoot

using Seal to position the scoot

mud, mud, glorious mud ...

positioned over scoot, waiting for the tide to drop Seal down on top
(the lobster pot buoys mark the corners of the scoot for alignment)

low tide, attached to the scoot

Hamish in the keel case, tightening Seal down onto the scoot

waiting for the tide

half a ton of water ballast to help push the bow down when we pull her in at high water

the tractor team

ready to go

haul away!

Photos from the build:

14 JUL || 17 JUL || 3 AUG || 17 AUG || 28 AUG || 12 SEP || 28 SEP || 13 OCT

23 NOV || 14 DEC || 1 JAN

24 SEP (launch) || 3 OCT (scoot) || 3 OCT (positioning) || 3 OCT (haulout)

16 APRIL (interior)

About the boat

Plans & Specifications

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