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A tough aluminum sailboat to explore high latitudes
and support scientific and adventure expeditions ...

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Work is nearly completed at Kanter Yachts in Ontario. This week the windows, doors, and raised saloon floor went in, so she is looking much more "finished" at least from the outside.

The windows and watertight doors arrived from Douglas Glass and Manufacturing in Fenwick, Ontario. They look great - the windows are two separate sheets of glass separated by an air pocket to provide insulation and to minimize condensation. The outer panes are heat-strengthened triple laminates for impact resistance which also cut 99.9% of UV light coming into the raised saloon. For ocean passages, there are half-inch thick Lexan storm covers which bolt onto the window frames.

Douglas Bath and his windows inside the raised saloon

the main companionway door

The forward watertight door between the forepeak and the cabins.

Bob Clark and Steve van Ymeren put in the raised saloon floors - the plinth is for the seating on the port side, so we can see out of the windows while sitting at the table

Looking in the main companionway door at the raised saloon floor (with the engine room below)

and a few bitts and pieces up forward ...

Photos from the build:

14 JUL || 17 JUL || 3 AUG || 17 AUG || 28 AUG || 12 SEP || 28 SEP || 13 OCT

23 NOV || 14 DEC || 1 JAN

24 SEP (launch) || 3 OCT (scoot) || 3 OCT (positioning) || 3 OCT (haulout)

16 APRIL (interior)

About the boat

Plans & Specifications

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